Understanding Strata Management

Whilst many people may have heard about Strata, its complex nature means that it can be a very misunderstood concept. Equally as much, the role of a Strata Manager is often confused in this process.

Most people are familiar with the historical land tenure of freehold property which is usually your big block of land with a stand alone house.

Strata can look like a variety of homes and as such, not everyone is familiar with what strata is. Strata ranges from your battle-ax blocks of land, single-tier strata complexes, townhouses, apartment and high-rise buildings, and many commercial properties and hotel resorts. Because of its chameleon like appearance, Strata can sometimes be difficult to identify, and to determine the extent of management required.

Strata Managers can be engaged for any size strata complex, and while they are a great option for smaller complexes, their services are vital for larger complexes.

In every complex, a Council of Owners are elected at your Annual General Meeting – which as the name suggests, is held every year. Your Council of Owners are elected to undertake the decision making for your complex to ensure it is maintained and to ensure that urgent matters are attended to. Your Council of Owners operates on behalf of the Strata Company (all owners), and conducts themselves in the best interest of all owners within the community.

Your Council of Owners can delegate some of these tasks to a Strata Manager. Your Strata Manager can then carry out some or all of these wishes of your Council of owners depending on their arrangements.

It is important to note that your Strata Manager can not make decision for and on behalf of your Strata Company without your Council of Owners approval. They also cannot spend your funds without authorisation which includes sending out work requests and engaging contractors. It is for these reasons that an active Council of Owners is vital to the efficient management of your strata complex.

With over 60,000 strata complexes in Western Australia, and every single one of them having different parameters in their Strata Plan, different boundaries, different by-laws and rules, and a different management style within their Council of Owners, it’s easy to see why engaging a professional Strata Manager is imperative.

Disclaimer: The information provided is based on the Strata Titles Act 1985 and general industry practice. However, the information is general in nature only and most scenarios could have an alternative solution. This information in no way constitutes any form of legal advice whatsoever. Blackburne, its Directors or Employees do not give any warranty or guarantees as to the accuracy or reliability of any information contained in these scenarios. Blackburne recommends that you seek advice from your own strata industry specialist or legal advisors if you wish to have specific advice in relation to your own circumstances.

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