Residential & Mixed Use Strata

The vast majority of all Strata complexes are residential and there is an ever increasing number of mixed use schemes.

A mixed use scheme is one that is a combination of purposes e.g. retail shops on the street front level, and residential apartments where people live above.

With residential being the most common form of strata it’s naturally an area that we specialise in managing. Whilst the smaller complexes remain relatively standard in their construction and facilities available, the larger strata complexes are becoming more sophisticated in their offerings. In addition to this, the strata management requirements for different sized complexes are also becoming more sophisticated.

For smaller schemes:

We understand that the smaller complexes want a no-fuss service provided to them, while at the same time keeping the management fees to a minimum. We have multiple residential Strata Managers that specialise in this type of scheme and ensure that matters that are fundamental to your scheme are taken care of. For example, making sure your insurance is quoted, discussed and paid for on time every time. Many of these schemes across the wider Western Australia rely on Blackburne Strata to provide a quality service at a reasonable price. Having many of our additional services as an ‘opt-in’ cost means that your Council of Owners can ensure fees are kept to a minimum.

For larger and mixed-use schemes:

These buildings require a higher level of understanding and management from your Strata Manager and we are proud to say that Blackburne have several Strata Managers that specialise in these complexes. These schemes can have a wider variety of common facilities, and juggling the wants and needs of a large variety of owners can require a special finesse to ensure all points of view are considered. Our team have a wide understanding of the complexities of more sophisticated facilities, systems and requirements, and our Strata team also have the privilege of unrestricted access to a building developments team to answer any additional ‘curly’ questions on your behalf.

All of the 60,000+ strata complexes in Western Australia have a different combination of use, common facilities, construction, strata plan conditions, management statements and by-laws. This level of sophistication generally requires the services of a professional to ensure that you as owners are managing and complying with the scheme rules.

Blackburne Strata Managers are experts in managing your residential and mixed-use strata complexes. Please contact us today to see how we can assist you with the Strata Management of your complex.

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