Hotel Strata

Hotels and Resorts have a very different requirement from a standard residential strata scheme due to the nature of the complex.

Each resort is set up and maintained differently under a unique set of by-laws which operate under the Strata legislation and as such, engaging a professional Strata Manager service is paramount to a successfully run complex.

In many hotels and resorts that come under the Strata Titles Act, there are often competing demands between the hotelier, the investors / owners, and the requirements that they must adhere to.

While a hotelier may wish to maintain and improve standards to ensure the highest possible return on investment, owners may not have the same financial capacity to facilitate this and may wish to prioritise and stage any works. This can oftentimes cause differing priorities between the parties, and an experienced Strata Manager can provide guidance in maintaining this balance.

Your Blackburne Strata Managers are more than happy to provide guidance in what is required under the Strata Titles Act, and how this can align with the Hotelier’s processes and policies.

Blackburne currently strata manage a number of hotels and resorts and have developed long-standing relationships with the owners and the building managers in these complexes. Arranging work and maintaining open communication with the building or complex manager is also something that we excel at. Ensuring that there is a clear communication path and that all parties are across who is responsible for what tasks, and what portion of the task being administered, ensures that there is no double handling, no confusion and ultimately ensuring that the owners time and funds are not being wasted with inefficiencies is just some of the reasons we continue to be leaders in this type of Strata Management.

In many of these complexes there are a mix of owner-occupiers, investors, and a hotelier company, and the management of the competing interests requires a professional strata management service whose history and longevity is a proven success in the industry.

Blackburne Strata Managers are experts in managing your hotel and resort complexes. Please contact us today to see how we can assist you with the Strata Management of your complex.

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