Community Title Scheme

Since the introduction of Strata into Australia in the 1960’s these complexes continue to evolve into larger and more complex schemes that require a more advanced level of strata management.

While this form of Strata is yet to be introduced into Western Australia, it is eagerly anticipated under the Community Title Bill.

Community Title Strata has been in place in other States of Australia for some time and we are anticipating its introduction into Western Australia in the not too distant future.

This form of tenure is akin to a very large strata complex with multiple levels of management. The Strata Companies in the complex have an overarching managing body, and each tier of strata in this has their own Council of Owners, their own budget and likely their own common property. Some Community Title complexes in other states are the size of entire suburbs and have common property and community open space that is all accounted for by the owners in the scheme.

A development of this size and complexity requires the services of Strata Manager professionals that have a thorough understanding of the requirements of this new type of tenure.

Blackburne Strata Management is the only Strata Management company with a member of staff who was employed on the Landgate team tasked with the development and preparation of the Community Title Bill which passed Parliament in November 2018 and is expected to be introduced in mid-2019.

We’re always happy to assist with your Community Title queries and can be contacted using the enquiries box on this page.

For further information which is regularly updated, please also see the Landgate webpage dedicated to the introduction of Community Title here.

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