Commercial Strata

It is not very commonly known that many commercial residencies are a strata complex, as strata is more commonly associated with residential complexes.

At Blackburne we Strata Manage many commercial premises. Every commercial strata complex is different as each commercial tenancy has a different requirement of the complex within which they conduct their business. Whilst many can be a shared office facility, others can be a shared combination of workshops and others can be a storage facility.

Due to the varied nature of commercial tenancies, there can also be different impacts not commonly associated with residential, such as the implications on strata insurance. There are usually different requirements of your by-laws and how these are enforced by your Council of Owners and Strata Manager.

The nuances of a commercial tenancy vary considerably from residential and it is therefore imperative that you engage a Strata Manager who understands the differences. Blackburne currently manage multiple commercial premises and have long standing relationships with the owners of these, due to their professional manner and expert understanding of the needs of commercial owners.

Blackburne Strata Managers are experts in managing your commercial strata complexes. Please contact us today to see how we can assist you with the Strata Management of your complex.

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