07 Nov 2019

Tenants living in a strata complex may be approved through an agency or authorised through the owner of the lot.

Tenants must abide by the strata by-laws as any other owner or occupier within the complex would. It is the owner and/or property manager’s responsibility to ensure their tenants are aware of the strata by-laws and that they abide by these laws.

Tenants regularly ask about topics such as:

  • Pet by-laws
  • Noise
  • Parking
  • Moving in/out regulations

Each complex has by-laws to be followed, and these should be provided and agreed to by the tenant prior to a lease being signed or the tenant moving in. The above common queries will be outlined in the by-laws and the tenants will be able to read the detail of the rules when they receive this information.

If a tenant does not follow these rules, they are in ‘breach’ of a by-law and the authorized point of contact for the lot will be advised. A breach will be sent to the Owner and Property Manager for the Lot, and depending on the terms of their lease agreement, it is likely that the breach and any associated costs will be forwarded on to the tenant. If a tenant has any questions regarding the breach, they must direct their query to their Property Manager who will liaise with the Strata Manager on the matter.

Maintenance at the unit often arises and if the tenant notes any maintenance items that require attention, they must contact their Property Manager. The Property Manager will organise repairs if it is likely to be an Owner’s responsibility and will only contact the Strata Manager if it is a maintenance item which relates to the common property. The tenant needs to ensure any issues are reported quickly to their Property Manager to minimise any further damage to the unit or the common property. The tenant may also be requested to provide the date the issue arose, details of the matter and if possible, photos, particularly if the works are to be submitted as an insurance claim.

It is of the upmost importance for a tenant to ensure availability for a contractor to attend to repair any damage, or to inspect the maintenance problem. If a call is missed from a contractor, please call them back as soon as practical as to not unnecessarily delay remedial works being completed and potentially cause additional damage due to the delay. If the tenant refuses to allow access to the unit required for maintenance, notice may be provided to the tenant and the contractor will gain access with the Property Manager’s keys.

Tenants occupy a lot of strata lots and they should also take pride in the place they live in. The by-laws are in place to help residents living in a strata community and having informed tenants will help make strata living a pleasant experience.

In summary –

  • By-laws are the rules that all residents must follow
  • A tenants first point of contact is their Property Manager
  • Report maintenance issues as quickly as possible, recording all details of the matter
  • Report any other potential breaches of the by-laws to your property manager to pass on to the Strata Manager
  • Take pride in your home and your strata community, it’s a great place to live!

If you’re a Property Manager or Owner and would like more clarity on the tenant relationship with Strata, please contact Blackburne Strata Management today.

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