19 Feb 2018

It is only until we reach the middle of the year that rain jackets, umbrellas and woolly jumpers are pulled out from the back of our wardrobes. In Perth we are extremely lucky to enjoy such beautiful weather nearly all year round, some would even say that our ‘winter’ could almost compare to spring in other parts of the world.

Our sunny disposition can make it quite easy to forget the maintenance problems that come with heavy rain. Quite often, if there is a heavy downpour in Perth, the streets become flooded, gutters overflow and panicked home-owners across the city report leaks to their Strata Managers.

Water has a way of sneaking in through deteriorated window seals, poorly installed air-conditioners, or cracks in the walls. In the lead up to the wet, winter months, it is imperative that our homes have been thoroughly inspected and all maintenance concerns addressed. Often, if the cause of a leak is related to a fault with the roof, safety regulations may require contractors to wait until the rain has stopped before they can get up there to investigate. So, if you haven’t done your due diligence, make sure you have buckets and towels at the ready!

What should you look out for?

Your home is important; make sure you inspect your unit now while the sun is out to ensure it is ready for any heavy downpour that may take place over winter or even during a summer storm. Here are few of the main water ingress causes to watch out for:

     1. Old waterproofing and grouting

This is a common problem that can occur in places such as bathrooms, showers and even on balconies – the older the building, the more likely you are to find it.

     2. Leaking pipes

This can be much more difficult to detect as it may be an old worn-down pipe within a wall cavity. The sooner this sort of leak is reported and repaired the better as the water damage can spread further throughout the building.

     3. Roof leaks

Your roof is vital to keeping the rest of the scheme warm and dry, therefore it is important to have it regularly inspected to ensure there are no broken roof tiles, it is adequately sealed, and gutters are clear of debris.

Even though some leaks can’t be avoided, being proactive to keep your scheme well maintained may save you money in the long run. Here is an example of what to keep an eye out for:

  • Mould or water damage on the ceiling or walls
  • Cracks of any kind on the walls, ceiling or roof
  • Deteriorated waterproofing or grout
  • Old or loose window seals
  • Unusual water sounds within the wall cavities
  • Broken roof tiles

If you spot any of these common problems, take a photo and send it through to your Strata Manager with a description of the location. Your Strata Manager may be able to help or point you in the right direction to get it fixed.

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