16 Oct 2017

If you live in a strata managed complex and don’t know who your strata management company is, you may want to consider appointing Blackburne! As one of the only WA born and bred companies in the industry, our award-winning strata managers really understand their clients.


The schemes managed by our team range from 5 lots to over 250 lots – and we have experience managing an array of common property facilities including pools, lifts and security gates.

As one of the few strata management companies that operate under a Real Estate licence, you can be confident that your funds are kept in regularly independently audited trust accounts.

Our carefully selected team has diverse backgrounds, with each member bringing a range of experiences and qualifications.

We also have unlimited access to Blackburne’s team of property professionals, including property developers, property managers and mortgage brokers.

As a Strata Manager, we carry out some of the administrative duties of your strata company as instructed by your elected Council of Owners. We can also provide guidance and advice as it is needed.

Some of the things we may do on your behalf include:

  • Distribute the budget and AGM documents
  • Issue levy notices and other required invoices
  • Maintain records, including financials, general correspondence, meeting notices, agenda’s and minutes
  • Arrange work in the event of an emergency or routine maintenance, up to an agreed value

 If you would to find out more, contact Blackburne Strata Management contact us at strata@blackburne.com.au or call +61 8 9429 5777 and ask to speak to the Head of Strata Management.

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