17 Jan 2019

CCTV is one aspect to the complex solution to your scheme’s security needs. While locks, keys, fobs and remotes provide one level of security, CCTV in your complex can aid in holding residents and trespassers accountable for their actions. There is however a fine balancing act that needs to be considered when it comes to CCTV – between the need to safety and security of residents and their possessions and ensuring that the privacy of residents and their rights are not imposed upon.

The mechanics of security are again only a portion of the picture as there is also a need for residents to maintain vigilance when it comes to the security in their complex. Ensuring that doors are closed behind them as well as keeping their belongings secure all contributes to the security of all residents in the complex.

The benefits of CCTV can include:

  • A deterrent against would-be thieves
  • Assisting police with their investigations
  • Identifying residents breaching by-laws of the scheme
  • Identifying individuals dumping rubbish

In a building where CCTV is available, residents may request this information to be provided to the police and should contact their Strata Manager to report the issue and make this request. You will also need to provide a police report number so that the footage can be sent to the correct area within the police department. Residents may not have access to view the CCTV and this is actively managed to ensure privacy of residents.

The security of our surroundings and belongings are the responsibility of all residents and owners and having CCTV capability can assist in providing a key aspect to this broader picture. Whilst it can be very advantageous to have these facilities available, it does not mean that individuals are absolved from also playing their part in the security of their homes.

Also note: There are now Government funded CCTV registers that a Strata Company can register with to assist the police in identifying issues and may be called upon to provide footage. For more information about this, please visit the website where the Council of Owners can register – https://www.wastatecctv.com.au/.

For more information on CCTV and ensuring your building is secure, contact Blackburne Strata Management today.

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