29 Oct 2018

Are you wondering if you can have your pet in your strata? And who decides?

At first glance it appears to be completely hit and miss, with some complexes allowing pets, others who don’t, and even within a complex some pets are allowed and others are not. It can all be very confusing if you’re not really sure who’s making the decision, or what the decision is based on.

The first step to understanding if pets are permitted in your complex is to check your by-laws. You should have received a copy of these when you purchased your property, or from your Property Manager when you leased the property. If you don’t have a copy of this, owners can check the Blackburne online portal, and tenants can contact their Property Manager for a copy.

Quite often your by-laws will have a clause that directly relates to pets within your complex. There may be restrictions on number of pets, types, and sizes of pets permitted. These types of clauses are especially common in newer complexes.

In addition to your by-laws, there may also be ‘house rules’ that have been implemented by the Strata’s Council of Owners and adopted by all owners. These rules may seek to develop a policy where by-laws do not address the matter, or they may seek to further compliment the by-laws.

In most circumstances where by-laws or house rules are in place, there is a requirement to obtain the Council of Owners permission for the pet to be housed within the complex. You can contact the Strata Manager to ask for this permission to be sought from the Council of Owners. In this circumstance, you will likely need to provide details of the pet/s such as number of pets, type of pets, size and other details as required. Some Councils keep a register of pets that include photographs, and other Councils obtain a written reference for the pet before they will approve an application.

It’s worth remembering that your pet is your responsibility as is any damage they cause to Common Property. It’s also best to be considerate of impeding other peoples right to enjoy the complex. If you have a dog that barks all day while you’re away from the property, or is aggressive to other residents, you may be asked to remove the pet from the premises on a permanent basis, or you may be send a Notice of Breach by the Council of Owners.

Please note that at no time can a registered assistance dog under the ADA, be denied, however the Council of Owners will still wish to obtain copies of official records/proof, and may require further details of the dog for their records.

If you have any other questions about pets in strata, or if you would like us to make an application to your Council of Owners, please contact Blackburne Strata.

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