22 Feb 2018

Are you unsure about what Strata Managers are responsible for doing? You’re not alone.

There are many people who are new to living in strata schemes and are unsure what the role entails.

A good Strata Manager can help relieve many worries you may face. From ensuring you have the very best contractors at hand to fix any problem that may present itself, to the maintenance of an abundance of records, including financials, agendas, meeting notices and specialised reports.

Appointed by the owners within a strata property, the Strata Manager is responsible for keeping things running smoothly. But how do you know if your scheme is being effectively tended to? You’re in luck because we’ve revealed the 8 signs of a quality Strata Manager!

 1. Issues levy notices and other required invoices

Every quarter, it is the Strata Manager’s responsibility to send out reminders and details on how to pay the set levies that were agreed upon at the Annual General Meeting. Following on from this, a good Strata Manager will issue reminders for other invoices, such as water bills, and ensure these bills are paid on time.

2. Pay all invoices (after Council approval if required)

Once the Council of Owners (COO) approves work to be done – the Strata Manager will make the subsequent payment of the invoice. This also includes invoices for capital expenditure purchases.

3. Maintain records, including financials, specialised reports, general correspondence, meeting notices, agendas and minutes

With the Council of Owners changing yearly, it is important that consistent record keeping is maintained. A good Strata Manager will ensure all records are adequately saved, and that all owners have access to the portal.

4. Respond to general queries from Owners and/or their authorised representatives

A good Strata Manager should respond either by phone or email to any queries promptly and within a professional manner.

5. Liaise with contractors

It is the responsibility of the Strata Manger to send out quote requests to contractors. Once the COO have approved a particular quote, the Strata Manger liaises with the contractors to have the necessary work completed. Following completion of the work, the Strata Manager will pay the approved invoice.

6. Arrange work in the event of an emergency or routine maintenance, up to an agreed value

Where the Council has authorised, routine maintenance of common property and emergency works can be undertaken. An efficient Strata Management company will have an after-hours emergency contact line and can arrange urgent emergency works to common property.

7. Provide Section 43 Certificates

S43 Certificates are required to facilitate settlements and therefore transfers of property ownership. A Strata Manger will provide the certificates that outline details of a lot, including any overdue levies or outstanding debt.

8. Update the strata roll

A strata roll is an official record that includes details of each owner. Whenever there is a change to this record, it is the Strata Manger’s duty to update the roll. The details recorded on this roll will facilitate the Strata Manger with the issuing of all levy notices. Therefore, it is essential these details are correct.

But wait, there’s more. We’ve recognised the 8 signs of a quality Strata Manager, but there are a few more items that on request, a Strata Manager may be able to assist with:

  • Arrange quotations for work or consulting services
  • Issue work orders for work or consulting services
  • Prepare and issue notices and agendas for General Meetings and Council Meetings
  • Prepare draft budgets
  • Make meeting arrangements (like arranging the venue and setting up the meeting room)
  • Chair the General Meetings
  • Prepare and issue minutes of meetings
  • Arrange insurance claims

Strata Managers carry out the administration duties of the strata company under the instruction of the Council of Owners (COO), and provide relevant guidance and advice as needed.

Finally, it’s important to note Strata Managers can only act on the Council’s instructions, as they do not have authority to arrange work or spend money without Council approval. The more proactive the Council of Owners are, the more the Strata Manager can actively assist with getting tasks done around the building.

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